Sophie la girafe bathtime set

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The Sophie la girafe bath time set is ideal for entertaining baby at bath time!

  • A Sophie la girafe bath net: Ideal for drip-drying and tidying away baby's toys. It fixes easily and solidly to the sides of the bath with suction grips.
  • A Sophie the giraffe bath book: baby will discover different varieties of fish and learn notions such as "big" and "small" and "flat" and "round". With a squeaker under Sophie la girafe's head.
  • A Sophie the giraffe bath toy: both a floater and a sprinkler toy. This amusing Sophie the giraffe sprinkler toy sprays out water when squeezed.
  • Sophie the giraffe traveller: Functions both in the water and on the floor. Just pull on the anchor and it swims up and down the bathtub. Sophie la girafe, used alone, becomes a bath toy which spits out water when squeezed.
  • A Sophie la girafe bath oasis: Floats in the bath and encourages baby to make up lots of stories. Baby will love taking Sophie la girafe in and out of the traveller. Used alone, it becomes a bath toy that spits out water when squeezed.

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